Dr. Amanda Dornfeld

Direct Primary Care in Columbus, IN

Healthcare with a Personal Touch
Experience high quality primary care for your entire family, from a doctor who truly knows you.
Dr. Amanda Dornfeld | SAge Direct Care
Healthcare should be easy, affordable, and work for you. Direct Primary Care brings your medical care back where it belongs, in your hands.
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Quality Healthcare

More time with your personal doctor lets you experience a higher, more individualized level of care.
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Unparalleled Access

Same or next day appointments and after hours communication means you get help when you need it.
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Affordable Pricing

Direct Care eliminates wasteful healthcare spending and passes the savings onto you, with no copays and at cost pricing.

Old Fashioned Healthcare for Today's World

Membership model direct primary care allows us to bring you family medicine the way it used to be. Where we work for you, our patient, and not for an insurance company or corporate medical practice.

By taking these third parties out of the picture, we can focus on what is best for you, and save you money by eliminating wasteful healthcare spending.

At Sage Direct Care we value accessible, individualized healthcare. Join us, and experience just how great your primary care can be with a trusted partner in health by your side.

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Dr. Dornfeld is the best. She is always friendly, thoughtful, and puts my concerns at rest. I can't imagine going to anyone else.

Holle P.
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Full Service Primary Care and Breastfeeding Medicine

  • Comprehensive preventive and wellness care, treatment of acute illness, and management of chronic disease with no copays or hidden costs.
  • In office procedures, diagnostics, and more all included with membership.
  • Extended consultations for mother and baby to help with common or complex breastfeeding challenges.
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