Membership in Sage Direct Care

Comprehensive primary care included for one low monthly fee.
Direct care membership
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How Does It Work?

  • You pay one affordable monthly fee directly to Sage Direct Care.
  • We provide all of your primary care services at no extra cost.
  • If you have insurance, use it as normal for everything except the membership fee, or save money with our at-cost pricing.
Membership Cost

Simple Pricing, Quality Care

One time enrollment fee of $75 for first member,
$150 per family.

First Member

$100 per month

Second Member

$75 per month

Third Member

$50 per month

Family Membership

$250 per month

Dr. Dornfeld has fully earned our family’s trust. She is fantastic at listening and considering the whole person. And, it is clear that she works hard to stay up to date on new information and studies. Her compassionate and knowledgeable care is priceless.

Lisa H.
Dr. Amanda Dornfeld Family Physician

Common Questions

Do you offer one time visits?
Dr. Dornfeld provides breastfeeding and lactation visits either at no charge with membership, or for a per visit fee for non-members. For primary care services, we feel that the traditional fee for service model leads to subpar care, so we do not offer one time primary care visits.
What if I have insurance?
Great! We want you to have insurance to cover services outside of Sage Direct Care - things like inpatient care, imaging and specialist care. You can use your insurance for all of those services and for medications and labs if you wish. Sage Direct Care also negotiates low cash rates for labs and you may find that it is less expensive not to use insurance for these services! Some patients find that DPC pairs well with a high-deductible insurance plan or "cost share" member plans.
Are there any limits to the number of visits?
No. The membership includes all of your care that can be provided from Dr. Dornfeld. There are no extra charges for visits and care is not limited. Some procedures will incur a very small charge for disposable goods used.