Support for Mother and Baby

Breastfeeding Medicine

Compassionate care and medical management for breastfeeding and lactation challenges.

Lactation and Breastfeeding Consultations

  • Poor Milk Supply
  • Pain with breastfeeding due to vasospasm, dysbiosis, poor latch
  • Inducing lactation for upcoming adoption or gestational carrier birth of a child
  • Evaluation for tongue tie and release in infant, if indicated
  • Back-to-work planning
Breastfeeding medicine at Sage Direct Care
Breastfeeding Newborn Consultation

What to Expect at Your Visit

Dr. Dornfeld will take a full history of your pregnancy and birth, followed by careful history of your current infant's feeding and growth patterns. You should plan to bring your infant with you to your appointment, as breastfeeding challenges can affect baby and mom.

Dr. Dornfeld will examine you both and then observe you breastfeeding your baby, if you are nursing at this time. You will leave with a plan of action. It could include labs, breastmilk culture, change in latch or nursing position, a new or different pump or pump set up, supplements, medications, a tube supplementing system or others.

Breastfeeding can come with so many challenges and so many joys. Recommendations will always come with close follow-up as your visit includes 2 weeks of HIPAA compliant texting and phone support. Please plan to be in the office for at least 60-90 minutes, as Dr. Dornfeld will plan to dedicate the time needed to you and your baby.

With your permission, we will always keep your primary doctors informed of your progress and our recommendations.

Dr. Dornfeld was my last hope with nursing my first child. She showed genuine care and compassion for me, a new mom, in a very trying time.  I was able to nurse my daughter until 12 months which exceeded my original goal. The breastfeeding knowledge she shared with me and showed me as a new mom was truly invaluable! Forever grateful!
Cari R.
I saw Dr Mandy Dornfeld for breastfeeding medicine with my first child. Her expertise and kindness were exactly what we needed. My daughter had her tongue tie revised and Dr Dornfeld treated my severe nipple trauma. She worked with me to come up with a plan for maintaining supply and keeping my baby at the breast. Thanks to her and our hard work at home we healed and went on to nurse for 13 months!!!Very grateful to have had this guidance as a first time momma. Cannot recommend this service enough!!!”
Mackenzie Y
Dr. Amanda Dornfeld

Schedule a Consultation

Breastfeeding medicine consultations are included at no charge for members of Sage Direct care.
New consultations are available to non-members for $295. Follow-up in-person visits are $149.  Request more information or schedule an appointment by calling our office or completing the form below.

A superbill with all needed codes is provided for patients to turn into insurance for reimbursement. This service is also acceptable for HSA accounts.

Consideration given for financial hardship.
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