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Primary Care Services

More time with your doctor means you can get 90% of your medical needs cared for right in our office, for no extra cost.
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Individualized, Quality Healthcare

A Personal Relationship With Your Physician

When your doctor actually knows you, you get highly personalized recommendations and preventive care that will help you get healthy and stay healthy.
Direct texting with your doctor
Direct Access to Your Physician

Text or Call Your Doctor Directly

Our unique membership model means your doctor is easy to get in touch with, and better yet you don't have to pay each time you need care. This means you'll seek help more quickly with no scheduling headaches!
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Unrushed, Flexible Care

Appointments that fit Your Life

With fewer patients than a typical office, you can get same and next day availability and visit your doctor in person or online. We make it easy to get care.
Medical Services

Your Primary Care Is In Good Hands

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Physicals and Wellness Visits

Hour long annual physicals let us focus on prevention and giving you ways to stay healthy.
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Acute and Urgent Care

Same day availability for illness or injury, after hours phone access to Dr. Dornfeld.
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Chronic Disease Management

Longer visits let us discuss all the ways we can help you get chronic disease under control.
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Women's Health

Well woman exams, PAPs, menopausal consultations, breast exams, and more.
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Pediatric Care

Expert care for your child in a relaxed atmosphere. Newborns to teenagers.
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Procedures and Testing

Cardiac rhythm testing, urinalysis and more at no extra cost. Minor procedures for material cost only.
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Medical Ear Piercing

Sage Direct Care is proud to offer medical ear piercing performed by Dr. Dornfeld and Megan Mathews, RN.
We use the Blomdahl ear piercing system, which is used exclusively by medical professionals. This system uses 100% hypoallergenic medical grade plastic which eliminates the possibility of an allergy to metal. When safe for the patient, we offer simultaneous piercing.
We currently offer first or second piercing of the ear lobe for ages 4 months and older.
  • Price for members is $65
  • Price for non-members is $95
  • Includes earrings and aftercare kit
Call 812-308-4594 or email: to schedule.

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